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Eugenic abortions will no longer be legal in Tennessee

The Federal Court of Appeals in the United States has ruled that the state of Tennessee may ban eugenic abortion for children with Down syndrome. The ruling also indicates that a child cannot be killed on the basis of its race or gender.


In June of this year, Tennessee Governor Bill Lee signed a law prohibiting the murder of unborn children in several situations. These include the detection of the baby’s heartbeat by the doctor: the doctor must perform an ultrasound before the abortion, and if the device detects the baby’s heart beating, it cannot kill it. Moreover, the act also prohibited the murder of children because of their race or gender, and because of a projected disability such as Down syndrome.

Pro-abortion organisations, including Planned Parenthood, have appealed to the court. For this reason, although the law was signed, the local court ordered it to be temporarily suspended. Abortionists have regretted that Governor Lee’s Act effectively prohibits nearly all abortions in Tennessee. The local court agreed with them, citing the case-law of the US Supreme Court.

“Every life is precious, and every child has innate human dignity,” wrote Governor Lee in response to the court ruling. “Our law prohibits abortion on the basis of race, gender, or the diagnosis of Down syndrome in a child. The court’s decision will save many lives. Protecting Tennessee’s most vulnerable citizens is worth fighting for, ”he added.

However, abortionists do not want to give up. They have taken the case to court again and hope that the rules will soon be blocked again and murdering sick children will become legal again in Tennessee.


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