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Hindu radicals beat Christians up before destroying their church and house

While Jayapaul Reddy, the head of a small church in Hyderabad, central India, was building a second church in a nearby village, a group of Hindu extremists came to beat him and his wife. They then damaged the foundations of the new church before also demolishing Reddy's house.


On the 25th of August, he and the faithful from his village had started to construct their second church, which angered Hindu leaders. At around midnight the next day, the RSS (Hindu nationalist group) arrived at his home with an excavator. The group caused mayhem outside their house and taunted them with vulgarity, but Jayapaul and his wife refused to leave their house.

The RSS members then broke into the house, beat them both, and dragged them out of the house. They came back to demolish his home and the church. With tears in their eyes, they begged them not to destroy the church, but one of the men silenced them by threatening to kill them both, and the men proceeded to destroy the church with a backhoe.

Jayapaul and his wife now find themselves on the streets, homeless and with much of their belongings destroyed. They have moved from house to house, those of the church members who do their best to keep them alive. Members of his church pray for the restoration of their building and the pastor’s house.


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