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Video of torture of Pakistani Christian goes viral

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Christian sanitary worker Qamar Bhatti filed a police complaint after his abductors filmed him naked, recorded the assault and uploaded the video on the internet.

Bhatti was kidnapped by three men in June and tortured in a flat on Gurdat Singh Road of Quetta in Pakistan’s Balochistan province. He registered a first information report on Nov. 25 after the torture video went viral this week. Police have arrested two brothers of the accused, who are still at large.

“Five criminals were involved in my scandal. They tricked me into getting a loan. Although I returned it, they claimed further interest. They abducted me from outside my house, kept beating me and took me to a flat. I kept pleading but they tortured me with ropes, pipes and punches,” Bhatti stated in a Facebook post.

“Everybody has seen the viral video. I demand justice from the chief minister of Balochistan, the provincial assembly and ministers to punish them.”

“They threatened to make the video viral and to do the same with my wife and children if I shared it with anyone. I am disgraced.” he said.

Human rights groups have condemned the crime. Catholic Church officials have repeatedly asked lawmakers to put an end to the culture of placing advertisements that further stigmatize marginalized minorities.

Pastor Irfan James, a Lahore-based missionary, demanded punishment for Bhatti’s attackers.

“Pakistan is becoming hell for Christians. I would like to hereby request the UN, Amnesty International and all international media to raise a voice for persecuted Christians throughout Pakistan.”

Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International and the International Commission of Jurists (ICJ) highlighted increasing persecution of minorities in a statement issued on Nov. 26.

Pakistan was part of the consensus at the UN General Assembly that required that states take active measures to ensure that persons belonging to religious minorities may exercise fully and effectively all their human rights and fundamental freedoms without any discrimination and in full equality before the law,said Ian Seiderman, legal and policy director at the ICJ.

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