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Asia Bibi backed ACN’s Red Wednesday for the persecuted

Asia Bibi is a Pakistani Christian, who has spent ten years in prison for her faith. On the 25th of November, she backed ACN (Aid to the Church in Need Foundation) in the campaign to free those jailed for their faith.


In the foreword to the ACN’s new Set Your Captives Free report, Ms Bibi wrote: “Today there are countless numbers of people who are unjustly detained – like me, their offence is the faith they refuse to renounce.”

Among those whose stories are told in the report are two teenage girls: Leah Sharibu, from Nigeria, who extremist group Boko Haram kept captive after she refused to renounce her faith; and Maira Shahbaz, from Pakistan, who is in hiding having escaped from her abductor who incarcerated her in his home.

Ms Bibi added: “It is time that those who detain innocent people in defiance of the law are brought to justice. It is time for governments to act. It is time to rally in support of our faithful communities, vulnerable, poor and persecuted.”

Source: ACN foundation

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