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Christian man beaten up for protecting statue of John Paul II in Poland

Last Tuesday, in the centre of the Polish town of Wołomin, pro-abortion groups took to the streets, chanting vulgar, anti-clerical and anti-government slogans. A group of Polish Catholics decided to gather around the statue of John Paul II, to prevent it from potential destruction. One of them was brutally assaulted.


The protesters walked around the monument and wanted to get to it, but did not succeed.

“We stood and did not allow this to happen,” the young man explained. “Vulgar insults and threats began. After a short while, it calmed down. We went to a nearby church to check that no one was trying to devastate it.”

Then there was an attack. “A group of about five people ran up to us, pulled out telescopic batons and started beating us,” reports the injured man. He has injuries to the wrist, skull and other skin injuries.


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