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Jihadists continue to terrorise religious minorities in Nigeria

Thirty-six thousand killed and over two million displaced - this is the record of eleven years of continuous development of Islamic forces in Nigeria. As Fr. Filippo Ivardi, editor-in-chief of the missionary magazine "Nigrizia" notes, ​​the jihadists in Nigeria include not only Boko Haram, but also the Islamic State of West Africa.


Last Saturday, one hundred and ten farmers, men and women, working in the rice fields had been murdered by Islamic radicals.

As Father Ivardi points out, it was the bloodiest attack this year, but by no means isolated. Indigenous people live in constant fear. The Church is doing what it can. It helps victims and refugees. However, it lives as a minority among an overwhelming Muslim majority.

“In Northeast Nigeria, people live in constant fear. (…) The last attack (…) took place in the rice fields, killing ordinary farmers. So if people leave home and work in the fields, they are at risk of being attacked by Islamists. This is happening more and more often. (…) Many people protect themselves by fleeing. They are moving to other regions of Nigeria, as well as to neighboring countries, Fr. Filippo Ivardi told Vatican Radio.


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