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China’s Zhejiang province authorities asks teachers “not to believe in religion”

Wenzhou city in China’s Zhejiang province, one of the cities in China with the highest Christian population, is reportedly asking its teachers to sign a pledge to not believe in any religion.


According to China Aid, the “Teacher’s Promise to Not Believe in Any Faith” issued by the Communist Party of China (CPC) has recently been distributed to Longwan District School in Wenzhou, requiring all teachers’ signature. The form requires the teacher to fill in their names, gender, age, working hours, positions and schools. They are required to sign and date the form under four “publicly announced commitments.”

The form contains political content and requires teachers to fulfill four requirements: “Firmly establish a Marxist religious view and strengthen atheistic education; not to believe in any religion nor to participate in any religious activities or to preach and disseminate religion in any place”, and “actively promote socialism and new civilisation, not to  promote feudal superstition, and not to  engage in feudal superstition activities.”

While this measure is nothing novel, since after Xi Jinping came into power, Zhejiang has seen a sharp rise in Christian persecution, including large scale removal of crosses, the banning of minors in churches, and banning Christian teachers from teaching at schools.


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