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A house church was raided by authorities during a service in China

Xunsiding Church, a house church in Xiamen city, has been repeatedly harassed and raided by the local ethnic and religious affairs bureau and police. Last week, the head of Siming District Ethnic and Religious Affairs Bureau, Zhang Xing, already led a team to raid Xunsiding Church’s branch. The Christians present resisted and refused to let them in.


This weekend, the same team came to the church again and sought to stop the worship. This time they broke the lock and entered. Several members, including the pastor’s wife, were brought to the police station and were only released at night. A picture online shows them taking a group picture with smiles on their faces after their release.

While the church was disbanded by the authorities in the summer of 2019, members continue to meet in smaller groups or at its branches. Their refusal to stop gathering seems to invite ongoing persecution against them.

Last August, ICC reported that a mom group’s gathering was raided. Ten days later, their gathering at the beach was also disrupted by a team led by Zhang Xing.


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