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French radio refused to advertise an organisation that helps persecuted Christians

The French radio station, Radio France refused the request of the ’Œuvre d’Orient' organisation, to transmit a paid advertisement for persecuted Christians. The director of the Christian organisation wrote a letter to some deputies asking them to intervene in their favour.


In his letter, Pascal Gollnisch, the director of the ‘Œuvre d’Orient’ (an organisation for Christians in the East that was founded in 1901), requested that the Radio France public radio station should transmit a paid advertising spot promoting an organisation that works to help persecuted Christians.

The radio refused their demand, referring to article thirty seven of the regulations which indicates that “the advertising messages must not contain any element likely to shock the religious, philosophical or political convictions of the listeners”.

Director Gollisch asks the deputies to help them in this situation, as they had helped earlier when the transportation company of Paris (RATP ) had refused a – paid – poster campaign on the pretext that the references to “Eastern Christians” could not be accepted.

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