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Sixteen Christian families could return to their homes in India

A total of sixteen Christian families, who were forced to leave their homes last September because of religious discrimination, have returned to their homes in Kondagaon district in the Indian state of Chhattisgarh.

Their homes were rebuilt under police supervision, following the court order of the Supreme Court. The presence of well-known human rights activist Medha Patkar, who led an investigation team, was largely responsible for the happy outcome.

“Christians had been expelled in violation of their fundamental rights of citizenship, only for reasons of religious discrimination. This court measure is important because it restores justice and shows that the rule of law is respected in India”, says A.C. Michael to Fides agency.

According to the reconstruction of the facts, last September around one-thousand-five-hundred Hindu residents of local villages broke into the homes of Christian families, destroyed everything and drove the Christians out because of their faith. Local government and police officials, who had been alerted to prevent violence did not intervene with the necessary timeliness and decision to avoid the exodus. Hindu villagers said Christian families should have converted to Hinduism.

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