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Al-Qaueda linked terrorist group set up fake charity boxes to raise funds in Indonesia

Christian Post reported that a terrorist group recently installed thirteen-thousand charity boxes at marketplaces across the Muslim-majority country of Indonesia to trick people into funding its activities. The group wants to establish an Islamic state in Southeast Asia and was behind the 2002 Bali bombing.


On the 9th of December, the National Police revealed the discovery, after questioning twenty-four members from Jamaah Islamiyah (JI) that were arrested in the October-November period.

“The funds collected are used to send people to Syria, to fund military training, help wanted terrorists to evade capture, and to purchase guns and explosives,” Brigadier-General Awi Setiyono was quoted by as saying.

Setiyono also added that at least thirteen-thousand boxes were placed by one supposed charity group called the BM ABA foundation. Its leaders were among the upper leadership of JI, a terror organisation based in Southeast Asia that has links with al-Qaeda.

Source: ICC

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