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Black Christian ministers blast Georgia candidate for abortion support

In addition to running as a Democrat, Warnock is a senior pastor at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta.

Warnock is running in a run-off for one of the two vacant U.S. Senate seats in Georgia, facing Republican Kelly Loeffler in a special election to fill the seat of Johnny Isakson, who resigned due to health in 2019.

In an open letter to Warnock sent Dec. 11, more than 25 Black Christian ministers, most of them from Georgia, said they “feel compelled to confront your most recent statements concerning abortion.”

“Your open advocacy of abortion is a scandal to the faith and to the Black community,” the ministers wrote to Warnock. In November, Warnock tweeted that he is a “pro-choice pastor”.

On Nov. 17, Warnock tweeted “I will always fight for reproductive justice.”

In response, Black pro-life advocate Benjamin Watson tweeted “Pastor, equal access to kill a son or daughter is NOT justice.”

In their open letter, the ministers said that Warnock’s statements “represent grave errors of judgment and a lapse in pastoral responsibility, and we entreat you to reconsider them.”

“As a Christian pastor and as a Black leader, you have a duty to denounce the evil of abortion, which kills a disproportionate number of Black children,” they said.

In their open letter the ministers wrote to Warnock that “couching abortion in the language of ‘reproductive justice’ may be savvy marketing, but killing an innocent human life has nothing to do either with reproduction or with justice.”

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