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More than twenty children traumatised in Indonesian attack

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On Friday, the 27th November, four Christian men were assassinated by members of an Islamist group in Indonesia’s Central Sulawesi province. Twenty-five children witnessed the tragedy.


Open Doors reported that the four murders were witnessed by the men’s wives, children and grandchildren. Sam, one of Open Doors’ partners for Southeast Asia, stated that an estimated twenty-five local children have been traumatised.

The eight-year-old son of Srikan is one example. After witnessing the deaths of his father and grandfather, he has gone from being a normal active child to being introverted, traumatised by what he saw. 

Sam declared: “We need to help them overcome this trauma. We need to do something for them. We don’t want the children to grow up with vengeance or anger of their father being killed.  We want to see them  grow up in the love of God, forgiving the people who killed their family members.”

Open Doors’ partners offered to rebuild the Christians’ homes, but they do not want to return to their village—they’re too traumatised by the attack and say they will not be able to live at peace there.

Source: Open Doors


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