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Christian activist faces death threats in Texas over religious freedom work

Bob Fu, a Christian campaigner for religious freedom in China, has been targeted with death threats. Fu is a former Tiananmen Square protester who now runs ChinaAid, a nonprofit supporting persecuted Christians in China. Release International reports he and his family have been traumatised by bomb threats and protests outside the family's home.


The protests took place as Fu delivered an address in Washington, D.C., on persecution in China. The threats caused the family to be evacuated from their home and taken into protective custody. His fifteen-year-old daughter had to be taken out of school by armed police. 

They have now returned to the family’s home but remain under police protection. “I have no doubt this is directly from Beijing,” Fu commented” The goal is clear. It’s to silence my voice for freedom in China and to destroy the ministry of ChinaAid.

Patrick Payton, Mayor of Midland, where Fu lives, told reporters that some people “want Bob Fu eliminated” and “would like to see his life ended.” 

“Bob Fu is an outspoken champion of freedom of faith in China. And China doesn’t like that,” Release International CEO Paul Robinson explained. 

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