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Pope Francis criticises abortion in his new book and gets ignored by the media

"Although many will be irritated to hear the Pope return to this topic (...)" Pope Francis presents tough words about abortion in his latest book, "Let Us Dream", which was published on the 1st of December around the world.


Here is a fragment of the book:

“While many will be annoyed to hear the Pope return to this topic, I cannot remain silent about the more than thirty to forty million unborn lives killed by abortion each year. It is heartbreaking to see how many regions that claim to be developed are encouraging this practice because the babies to be born are disabled or unplanned. Human life is never a burden. It requires us to make room for it, not to reject it. Of course, the advent of a new human life in need – be it an unborn child in the womb or a migrant on our border – is challenging and changing our priorities. Through abortion and closed borders, we refuse to change our priorities, sacrificing human lives to defend our economic security or to alleviate our fear that parenthood will turn our lives upside down. Abortion is unfair. It can never be a legitimate expression of autonomy and power. If our autonomy requires someone else to die, it is nothing other than an iron cage. I often ask myself two questions: is it appropriate to eliminate human life to solve the problem, and is it good to hire a killer to solve the problem?”



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