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Goverment restrictions on religion at highest level since 2007

Faith leaders are addressing the recent Pew Research study that shows record-high levels of restrictions on religious freedom. Last month, Pew Research revealed that in 2018, government restrictions on religion hit an all-time high since 2007.


The study also showed that high or very high government restrictions peaked in fifty-six countries, with the highest restrictions being in Africa and the Middle East.

We’ve never been more institutionalised, but we’ve never seen more persecution. The new Pew reports are out, and there has never been more persecution, so we are getting our act together on how this gets institutionalized, but obviously, we have to go to another level here as a civil society, as a government,” Chris Seiple of Templeton Religion Trust said.

In 2018, the White House intervened to free pastor Andrew Brunson, a missionary who was arrested in Turkey after he was falsely arrested for partaking in an alleged coup with Kurdish terrorists against Turkish President Erdogan.


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