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Trump wants to protect religious organisations from discrimination

One of President Donald Trump's recent decisions has been to remove barriers to federal subsidies for religious organisations that provide social services. The outgoing administration also changed the rules under which organisations had to inform beneficiaries about their religious affiliation. The solution is to prevent these organisations from being excluded from the subsidy program.


The new policy concerns financial projects coordinated by nine agencies, including the Department of War Veterans, the Department of Education, and the Department of Health and Human Services. These agencies award billions of dollars annually in grants and contracts.

“Changes remove unfair obstacles that blocked effective help for those in need. There was no sense in making it difficult to provide charity support,” says the Secretary of the Department for Veterans Affairs, Robert Wilkie.

This policy is in line with President Donald Trump’s executive order signed in 2018 to ensure that religious groups have an equal opportunity to compete for federal subsidies and contracts.



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