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The Christmas tree of Lyon was intentionally set on fire

Lyon, Christmas tree, France

Many have called this act childish and utterly futile. Apparently unknown persons set fire to the city's' Christmas tree that is located in one of the city's "vulnerable" districts.

In a matter of seconds, the Christmas tree in a square in Lyon caught fire, when unidentified persons intentionally set it ablaze.

The Christmas tree is placed on display every year for the enjoyment of the neighbourhoods’ children. This year apparently, someone didn’t share this traditional sentiment, hence the arson attack.

Many sources have pointed out that the tree was in one of Lyon’s “vulnerable” districts. After the incident, some remarked, including the mayor of the district, that the act was childish, mean and useless. Others have pointed out that the crime rate in the neighbourhood is already high.

Authorities are investigating if the act was intentional or if the fire was caused by an electrical short circuit, a theory that is highly unlikely according to local press sources. 

Source: S4C

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