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Open letter against Christians appeared in Indian newspaper

Recently, in the newspaper of the State of Gujarat, India, an open letter appeared, written by Hindu extremists, that asked the authorities to monitor, or even prevent Christian activity during Christmas time.


The same letter had been sent to local authorities by Hindu extremists who do not believe that Christianity should exist in India.

The letter was signed by the representatives of local extremist Hindu groups and said:

“To: Magistrate Office, Gujarat.

Subject: Not to give permission to unauthorised people to celebrate Christmas.

Dear Sir,

Greetings to you. Here we would like to bring your attention that in the tribal areas of Gujarat, people are publicly breaking the rules and regulation of Anti Conversion Bill. There is no one who is Christian on paper yet they are practising Christianity and they are also encouraging others to do the same. 

If they are Christians why do they not write themselves Christians in the paper (their documents do not show they are Christians)? If we haven’t received permission to celebrate Navratri [a Hindu Festival] which is a festival of our Goddess, why do you give permission to these people to celebrate a foreign religion called Christmas? 

We are ernestly requesting you not to give permission to these people to celebrate Christmas. If anyone comes to you to get the permission, kindly ask them for a  Christian Religion certificate on paper. If you will not take any action regarding this then Anti-National activity in this area will increase and the responsibility will be yours.”

Source: Open Doors

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