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Polish man sentenced to euthanasia without the approval of his family in the UK

According to LifeSite News, a court in Great Britain refused to care for a Polish citizen in a coma. The Pole does not need to be connected to life-support equipment, he breathes on his own, yet the management of the hospital decided to stop giving the patient water and food - against his mother and sister's wishes.


The patient suffered severe brain damage from a heart attack at his home in England. He is currently in a coma, and doctors believe he will spend the rest of his life in “minimal consciousness.”

According to the “quality of life” criteria used in Great Britain, his further life in such a state “makes no sense”. The legal team of Plymouth University Hospital, responsible for the care of the man, has asked the court for a ruling declaring it legal to deprive the patient of life-sustaining care. This includes removing his feeding and irrigation tubes.

The patient’s wife testified that her husband “would never want to be a burden to his family” and supported the NHS request to end any life-sustaining medical activity. His mother and sister are against de facto starvation, referring to the victim’s Catholic religion. He regularly attended Mass and according to the family, “he was against both abortion and euthanasia and would not like to die that way.”

At a hearing on the 15th of December, Judge Jonathan Cohen sided with RS’s wife and children, saying the removal of life-support equipment was in the victim’s “best interest”.


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