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Trump Administration defends the unborn at the United Nations

The United States and thirty-four other countries issued a declaration at the UN forum confirming the right to life of every human being, resulting from its inherent dignity. The document states that "there is no such thing as an international right to abortion" and that the United Nations must base this on national legislation.


Despite losing in the fall elections, Donald Trump is fighting to the end on the abortion agenda pushed at the highest international levels even before he resigns office. The result of this fight is the “Geneva Consensus Declaration” signed on the 22nd of December.

“The United States and its partner countries firmly believe that there is no international right to abortion and that the United Nations must abide by national laws and policies on the matter, refraining from external pressure,” said US Ambassador to the United Nations, Kelly Craft.

Craft instructed the UN Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres, to make the declaration more widely available to member states and included it in the official protocol of the General Assembly, “urging all member states to sign the declaration.”

The declaration states that “sexual and reproductive health” – a term often used by UN agencies as a synonym for abortion – “must always promote the highest possible standard of health without abortion”. As the American portal Lifenews emphasises, the declaration will most likely not affect abortion lobbying in the Congregation itself, but it may help stop the promotion of abortion within the UN systems themselves.


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