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Murderer used false blasphemy accusation to justify killing of Pakistani Christian

A Christian man was murdered earlier this month by a Muslim coworker in a factory. The victim’s family stated that the murderer falsely accused the Christian of committing blasphemy to justify the killing.


On the 14th of December, Arshad Masih, a 32-year-old Christian, was stabbed to death by Atif Ali, his Muslim coworker at Pakistan Spring Factory in Sheikhupura. Samina Bibi, Masih’s wife, reports that Ali attacked her husband due to a promotion Masih received and his refusal to convert to Islam.

“My husband was highly hailed by the leaders at the factory for his excellent performance and honesty,” Bibi told International Christian Concern (ICC). “He was promoted to a higher rank in the factory. Ali was unhappy with this decision and often teased and opposed my husband when taking the lead at work.”

“Ali was hired about four months ago,” Bibi continued. “He often initiated religious discussions and abused Christianity. He invited my husband to convert to Islam, but Arshad refused. Arshad was upset about this for about a week, but there wasn’t any initial unrest.”

Bibi suspects that Ali attacked her husband because of his refusal to convert to Islam. Ali stabbed the Christian man eight times with a knife.


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