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40 Chinese officials raid home Bible study, detain preacher and worshipers

Officials in China’s Taiyuan city raided a house church, confiscated Christian books, and detained the preacher and five members during a Bible study, according to a report.

Nearly 40 officials descended on the home of An Yankui, the preacher of Xuncheng Church in the capital of Shanxi province, on the evening, 30th of December, about one-and-a-half months after a separate raid on his home, according to source.

The officials restricted the movement of the church members who were studying the Bible, confiscated the choir robes and books, and apprehended the preacher and five women, source said.

The officials didn’t detain An’s wife, Yao Conya, as she had to take care of their children.

The officials released the five female detainees around midnight on New Year’s Eve, but An is being held in administrative detention for 15 days.

The heavily persecuted Early Rain Covenant Church in Chengdu planted the Xuncheng Church.

Xuncheng, which is being targeted possibly due to its association with the ERCC, was earlier raided on Nov. 15 and received a disbandment notice from the police.

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