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The business of aborted baby parts is thriving in Spain

Spain is one of the countries with the most liberal abortion laws globally; therefore, nearly 100,000 children are killed each year in their mother's womb. Despite the widespread access to contraception and the so-called morning-after pill, the number of abortions with surgical intervention increases every year.


Spain’s leading demographer, Alejandro Macarrón, sadly admits that Spanish women’s tendency to terminate a pregnancy has reached record levels. The numbers show that as many as 21.3% of all pregnancies end in abortion.

Spain has been talking about the abortion industry on an exorbitant scale for a long time. A few days ago, a short document was published with the results of investigations by journalists and pro-life activists from the SCJ Vita association. It can still be seen on YouTube before it is probably censored. The title is “Las cloacas del negocio del aborto en España” (Sewers of the abortion business in Spain). The programme uncovered the following: 

“We know about millions of dollars in transfers, about the lobbying for abortion that puts pressure on politicians and all social strata. Even a small abortion centre in the provinces has a turnover of 2.5 million euro. At the national level, they receive over sixty million euros in public funding alone.

“We have seen them make creams from the bodies of aborted children, specifically, one abortion centre delivers an average of 250 kg of baby tissue to a cream factory.”

“There are hundreds of medical certificates in abortion clinics, pre-signed by a doctor, with an empty space for the patient’s name and surname, so that the woman, when entering and paying, has a certificate that the abortion has saved her from terrible psychological harm.”

“In Spain, there are specialised abortion clinics where (very!) late abortions, are performed. Women from all over Europe come to us on abortion tourism [packages]and pay on the black market for abortions that are illegal in their [own] countries.”

On the 30th of December, Spanish left-wing Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez congratulated Argentina for having legalised abortion “on-demand” up to the fourteenth week of pregnancy.



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