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Five Nigerian Christians executed by Islamist group

A video posted on the 30th of December by the Islamic State group’s media channel, Amaq, reportedly shows the execution of five men after all of them are mentioned by name and identified as “Christians.”


The horrific image is a tragic reminder of February 12, 2015, when the world watched in horror as 21 Christian men were sent to their knees and martyred by ISIS on the Libyan Coast—all captured on a triumphant video released by the Islamic State group.

This recent execution is reportedly meant as a warning to Christians, said Illia Djadi, Open Doors’ Senior Analyst for Freedom of Religion or Belief in sub-Saharan Africa. “Think of the beheading of the Coptic Christians by Islamic State on a Libyan beach in February 2015 … it’s the same scenario,” he said.

Source, photo: Open Doors

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