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Pregnant Christian woman lost her baby during an extremist attack in India

pregnant woman

The eight months pregnant woman brought a living baby into the world, but as the child was premature, and there was no medical assistance available, the infant died immediately

On the 31st of December, ten Christian adults gathered in the house of Rakesh and Leela Alave to pray together on the last day of the year, when Hindu extremists broke into the house and attacked the people present.

One of the aggressors attacked Leela, who was eight-months-pregnant. The man hit the belly of the woman who then rapidly entered into labour. Leela delivered her baby alive, but as they did not have medical assistance, and the child was born prematurely, the infant died.

One of the Christians called the police, but the attackers fled before the arrival of the policemen.

Besides the lost baby, the Alave couple has a two-year-old daughter.

Source: Portas Abertas

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