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Two Christian sisters raped and murdered in Pakistan

There is no end to the drama of Christian women being kidnapped by wealthy Muslims as wives in Pakistan. This time there was a real tragedy. Two full sisters, 28-year-old Sajida and 26-year-old Abida, were kidnapped, raped and murdered. Their mutilated bodies were found in the sewage system. They died because they rejected the offers of their Muslim assailants and refused to convert to Islam.


The women came from an impoverished family. They both worked at a drug factory in Lahore. They had long complained to their supervisor that they had been severely harassed by factory owner Mohammad Maeem and one of the managers, Mohammad Imtiaz. They left for work on the 26th of November and disappeared. Their battered bodies were not found until the 7th of December, abandoned in the sewage.

Both women were married and had children. The husband of the older one insists that they died because they were poor Christian women who are deprived of any rights in Pakistan.

Mushtaq Masih notes that only the capture of the torturers and their exemplary punishment can change the situation. However, he does not believe that this will happen. The factory owner was arrested and confessed to the crime but was released on bail. The other man is still wanted.


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