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A priest was beaten up during Holy Mass in France

On Tuesday afternoon, a priest was attacked and beaten up during Holy Mass by a young man, in the Department of Haute-Rhin, in Alsace, France.


During the Mass, the priest asked a man standing near the altar, to take his seat with the congregation. The individual refused and became angry.

The young man then started to shout and threaten the priest who tried unsuccessfully to calm him down. The individual began punching the priest in the face, who fell to the ground because of the blows.  

Fortunately, the faithful intervened, alerted the police and restrained the young man until he was arrested. At the police station, he defiled his cell and violently attacked the officers.  

The attacker was a twenty-year-old young man from Colmar, the village where the attack took place. According to earlier police reports, the man has previous convictions for insulting and violent behaviour. 


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