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Dead and mutilated body of missing Nagorno-Karabakh woman found

On the 13th of January, relatives identified the body of 58-year-old Alvard Tovmasyan, found dead in the yard of her home in Karin Tak, a village of Nagorno-Karabakh.


Her relatives left the village on the 29th of October, while Tovmasyan stayed behind. Azeri forces later captured the village and following the ceasefire agreement she was reported missing.

When Tovmasyan’s body was discovered, it had been mutilated almost beyond recognition. Her brother Samvel only recognised her by her clothing. Relatives also reported that Tomasyan’s feet, hands and ears had been cut off as part of her torture. These atrocities are reminiscent of those committed during previous pogroms and genocides against the Armenian Christian community.


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