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Argentine president signed the act legalising abortion

Argentine President Alberto Fernández signed the Parliament's Abortion Act which allows killing of an unborn baby up to the fourteenh week of pregnancy. According to the head of state, the new law "equates women and men in the right to make decisions."


He also emphasised that by signing the bill, which was processed in the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies on his initiative, he had “fulfilled his election promise.”

The Catholic Church in Argentina has repeatedly expressed its opposition to plans to legalise abortion. The local bishops’ conference announced a prayer triduum for the defence of the life of the unborn in late December.

In a letter to a group of women and former students of Santa Fe College of the Immaculate Conception, Pope Francis reiterated his firm opposition to abortion and stressed that “eliminating a human being is like hiring a murderer to solve the problem.”

According to a survey conducted in November 2020 by the independent Giacobbe & Asociados centre, as much as sixty per cent of Argentinians were against the legalisation of abortion “on request”.



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