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Radical Nationalist in India Threatens Violence Unless District Government Shuts Down Churches

According to source, a radical Hindu nationalist leader has demanded a district government in India’s Madhya Pradesh state close down all churches built in tribal areas.

 The radical leader went on to give the government 30 days before he threatened to initiate violence to stop church activities in tribal areas.

On January 11, Azad Prem Singh, a local leader of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP), led a group of supporters through the city of Jhabua and handed over a memorandum demanding the District Collector shut down all churches operating in tribal areas. Singh based his demand on the false narrative that Christians are fraudulently converting people to Christianity in mass.

Radical Hindu nationalists use the specter of mass religious conversions to Christianity and Islam as justification to pass laws limiting religious freedom. According to these nationalists, Indian Christians and Muslims are accused of converting poor Hindus and tribal peoples to Christianity and Islam in mass by fraudulent means.

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