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Ugandan Imam murdered for converting to Christianity

Just one week after his conversion to Christianity, a forty-one-year-old former imam was killed by a crowd angered by his conversion. According to International Christian Concern (ICC), Yusuf Kintu was the imam of the Macca Mosque on Dolwe Island in the Mayuge District.


According to Pastor Andrew Nyanma of Dolwe’s Full Gospel community, Yusuf believed in Christ on the 30th of November, after hearing the Gospel.

“We talked on several occasions, but he was very quarrelsome when we brought up the topic of faith,” says Pastor Nyanma. “He was a brilliant Muslim imam, but he also respected the faith of other people. He was calm and open that day. He gave me time to explain why Christ is the only way to the Father. He regretted his sins and undertook to follow Christ, Nyanma added.

Yusuf and his family lived in a house near the mosque where he was the imam. Three days after his conversion, his wife Hashfa divorced him and left with her two young children to her father’s house in Bugiri District. She left her two teenage children, Abudkriim and Sauda.

According to several witnesses, the local Muslim community was concerned about the imam’s conversion. Yusuf was severely beaten and passed out. His older son and daughter were unable to help him until the morning when Pastor Andrew arrived and took him to the hospital where he died on the 7th of December.


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