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World Watch List 2021: the four countries that left and the four countries that entered the top fifty

As we reported earlier in this month, on the 13th of January, Open Doors released its world watch list of Christian persecution of 2021. This year four countries left, and four new countries entered this list of the top fifty countries.


The countries that left are the United Arabian Emirates, Niger, Sri Lanka and Russia. Even though these countries are out of the top fifty, in the United Arabian Emirates persecution against Christianity continues to grow. However, mathematically these countries are less lethal for Christians than others. Fortunately, in Sri Lanka and Russia, the situation of Christians is improving.

The four countries, where Christian persecution worsened, and thus entered the list are the Democratic Republic of Congo, Mexico, Mozambique and the Comoro Islands. Mexico and Comoros joined the list after one and two years of absence, but it is the first time that the DRC  is on the list. It occupies the fortieth place on the list, due to the violence against Christians in Nord-Kivu state. This year, Christians in Mozambique had to face severe persecution from Islamist extremists, particularly in Cabo Delgado.

Source: Portes Ouvertes

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