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A cross has been removed from the public space in the Spanish city of Aguilar

The city of Aguilar de la Frontera allowed the removal of the historic Cross of the Discalced Carmelite Order. The scandalous decision to cut down the Cross of the Fallen was "empowered" by the Act on Historical Remembrance. This one speaks of removing "symbols of the Franco regime".


The Spanish town is ruled by the leftist Carmen Flores. The mayor, refuting the allegations, explained that the local Andalusian legislation regulates the public display of elements that glorify Frankism and, as she assessed, the opinion of the Church is irrelevant here.

Both the inhabitants and religious organisations opposed the removal of the cross, and the Bishop of Cordoba, Demetrio Fernandez, called this act an attack on religious feelings.

Moreover, the Spanish Association of Christian Lawyers contested the city council’s decision to remove the cross to the administrative court. As they argued, the cross belonged to the artistic complex of the Convent of San Jose and San Roque and did not violate the Act on Historical Remembrance. In their opinion, the city’s operation is an element of discrimination and hostility towards Christians. Lawyers even petitioned the Mayor of Flores to be barred from holding public office.


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