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A deafening silence surrounds the massacre of Ethiopian Christians

The tragedy of Ethiopian Christians - the execution of 750 people in front of the Church of Our Lady of Zion in Aksum in the Tigray region - is one of the bloodiest events in recent years. Despite this, almost nobody seems interested in this tragedy. Silence in the big media. Silence in big politics. Silence in diplomacy. It seems that the problems of Ethiopian Christians hardly interest anyone.


What if this tragedy happened to representatives of other, more “cherished” minorities? We would be flooded with media coverage of the event for weeks. And rightly so—crimes always deserve condemnation. But why is the persecution of Christians not being given so much attention? Why does hardly anyone care about their fate?

It is true that Ethiopia is a country far from the centre of today’s world, and news from it does not reach quickly. But does this explain such a far-reaching insensitivity to human harm? After all, even a person fundamentally disagreeing with the Christian faith should show a minimum of empathy to human suffering.


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