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A nineteenth century Armenian church put up for sale in Turkey

The historic Armenian Catholic Church of St. Gregory, erected near Bursa in northwestern Turkey, and for many years in private hands, was put up for sale on the local real estate market.


The news caused the sadness and bitterness of the Armenian community in this country, which, however, do not have the legal or financial means to regain its former property and restore it for Christian worship.

According to the findings of the Turkish researcher Raif Kaplanoglu, also supported by the Armenian-Turkish script “Agos”, the building was erected in an area that at that time, at least until the middle of the nineteenth century, was inhabited mostly by Catholic Armenians.

After the Armenian genocide of 1915, these lands were depopulated, and the temple was used as a tobacco warehouse. Its current private owners tried to sell the property to the Bursa Yildirim district authorities, but they rejected the offer due to lack of funds.


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