Capital executions of jihadists after terror attack in Baghdad

After IS claimed responsibility for the attack that took place last Thursday and took the lives of thirty people, the Iraqi authorities have begun imposing death sentences on many of the imprisoned IS fighters.


The government decided to execute the terrorists after the Iraqi population accused the government of being passive and “weak” and failing to severely punish IS fighters detained in Iraqi prisons.

In this context, on Monday, the 25th of January, the death sentence was carried out in the prison in Nassiriya on three IS fighters who had been convicted of terrorism. Meanwhile, a demonstration in Nassiriya was called via social media on Tuesday, the 26th of January, to demand that the government “kill all jihadists imprisoned” in revenge for the latest ISIS attack.

Furthermore, rumours circulate in the media that Iraqi President Bahram Salih has already signed three-hundred and forty execution orders. Of the prisoners sentenced to death in Iraq, most are IS fighters, but there are also common criminals among them.

Source: Fides.org

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