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Spanish authorities continue to get rid of crosses across the country

According to the Spanish daily El Mundo, the Ombudsman for Andalusia wants to remove crosses commemorating General Francisco Franco's rule. Jesus Maeztu, the Ombudsman in Andalusia, wants to remove from the public space all elements referring to the reign of General Francisco Franco - including crosses.


Spanish law imposes an obligation to remove from the public space symbols commemorating and praising the rule of General Franco. So far, this has resulted in the demolition of monuments and changing street names.

The current Spanish government, led by the leftist Pedro Sanchez, is preparing a bill on the Democratic Remembrance. As the name implies, Democratic Memory is not the same as memory; it is memory changed according to the ideological – democratic – key.

“The cross was widespread as a Frankist symbol, it was found in all localities,” said Cecilio Gordillo, the coordinator for “restoring historical memory” in Andalusia in an interview with El Mundo.

Gordillo is a former priest. It is currently preparing a list of crosses in Andalusia. They will be described and photographed. Those set up to commemorate the victims of General Francisco Franco’s supporters are to be demolished. So far, the list to be demolished includes nineteen crosses, including a cross from a village next to Seville, the capital of Andalusia.


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