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People all around France protest against new bioethical law

The draft revision of bioethics laws arrives at its second reading in the Senate, this Tuesday, the 2nd of February. The bill would allow ART (assisted reproductive technology) without a medical reason, and abortion till the ninth month, in case of psychosocial distress.


The participants of the manifestations protested against ART without a father, surrogacy and abortion until before birth.

This weekend, more than sixty manifestations were organised in the biggest French cities. The activists promised that they would continue the demonstrations if the Senate adopts the bill on the 2nd of February.

In Paris, Angers, Bordeaux, Lille, Lyon, Strasbourg, and Rennes many associations and civilians gathered to participate in the “Marchons enfants!” (March, children!) manifestations. In all, twenty-two  associations, joined the initiative, such as the Manif pour tous, Alliance Vita, or Juristes pour l’enfance et les AFC.

In the manifestations, the participants use slogans such as “Liberté, egalité, paternité” (Liberty, equality, paternity) to support the father’s role in the family and to reject the conception of an artificial family without a father.


Photo: Twitter/ Alliance Vita

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