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German man runs for persecuted Christians

Alexander Eichholz, a German man from Ravensburg, has always liked running, and he decided to offer every kilometre of his runs for persecuted Christians. Until the end of last year, he accomplished 997 kilometres and accumulated twenty sponsors.


For every kilometre that he runs, his sponsors give money to persecuted Christians. These sponsors help the cause not only financially, but also with their prayers. 

On the last 31st of December, Eichholz accomplished a weird challenge. He decided to support North Korea, the leader on the World Watch List of Persecuted Christians with his run. His sponsors could vote if they wanted Eichholz to shave his head or to run barefoot, in solidarity with the Koreans. Finally, the sponsors required him to run barefoot. To comply, he ran a whole kilometre without shoes in three degrees Celcius.

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