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Islamic religious leaders defended a Christian nurse, who was accused of blasphemy in Pakistan


As we reported last week, a Christian woman in Karachi was condemned according to article 295 C of the Pakistani Penal Code, for "having used derogatory comments pronounced or written, directly or indirectly, which offend the name of Muhammad or of the other prophets". Days later, Islamic religious leaders have defended the woman.


“No one should be allowed to take justice into their own hands, nor to abuse the blasphemy laws. All religious organisations and leaders have condemned the torture inflicted on the Christian nurse in the hospital. The Government of Pakistan will not tolerate these abuses”, said Hafiz Tahir Mehmood Ashrafi, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister for Religious Harmony.

Islamic leader Allama Shehryar Raza Abidi also condemned the attack and violence against the Christian nurse, and, in a video message, states: “It was shameful to see Muslim women beating a Christian woman and using offensive language towards her. This violence shows their extremism and fundamentalism, which are not teachings of Islam, and communicates a false message and image of Islam. This fundamentalism has nothing to do with Islam, which does not spread violence.”


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