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Pastor’s family attacked for the second time in one month in Uganda

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Morningstar News reports that the family of Pastor Moses Nabwana was assaulted for a second time on the 24th of January, just four weeks after he and his wife were beaten in an attack incited by mosque leaders. While Moses Nabwana remained hospitalised from his injuries, three Muslims from the areas broke into his house, injuring his wife, Lovisa Naura, and two of their eight children.


“I heard loud noises and plates being broken. The children and I woke up,” Naura told Morning Star News. “The attackers had broken the door and entered in. One started strangling me, while another threw one of my daughters outside through the window and broke the skin on her leg.”

Thankfully, Naura’s brother-in-law and his family ran to her assistance, causing the perpetrators to flee. Her ten-year-old daughter escaped with a gash in her leg, while her twelve-year-old sustained an eye injury. Naura, still recovering from the prior beating which broke her hand and damaged her chest and back, reported additional neck pain.

The recent assaults stem from the conversion of a local Muslim iman to Christianity. In late December, mosque leaders announced the apostasy of the imam, resulting in the attacks on Christians as well as the destruction of parts of the local church.


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