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Hindu radicals attacked another Christian worship service in India

On the 31st of January, Hindu extremists attacked a Christian worship service in southern India. Twenty-eight Christians were injured, six of them were hospitalised


The attack took place in Horahalli village, located in the Ramnagara District of Karnataka, southern India. According to witnesses, a mob of nearly thirty radicals attacked the Christians of Jeevadayaka Prardana Mandira Church, who were gathered for worship.

The radicals stormed into the worship service and attacked the church’s pastor and other members of the congregation.

“They didn’t say a word as they pushed themselves inside the church hall,” Pastor Subash, head pastor of Jeevadayaka Prardana Mandira Church, told International Christian Concern (ICC). “I was shattered as everyone in the hall was screaming and crying.”

“I collapsed to the ground after several punches,” Pastor Subash continued. “They took my mobile phone and damaged it completely. I am unable to walk now and my wife and daughter received injuries as they tried to protect me from the mob.”

According to other witnesses, members of the mob took Bibles from the congregants and used them to beat the Christians. The mob also damaged other properties in the church hall.

Even though four leaders of the mob have been identified by name, no arrests have been made by police.


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