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Pregnant Christian Woman Loses Baby after Hindu Extremist Attack

Leela Bai, eight months pregnant, rushed outside a house she was visiting in central India after hearing the commotion of a Hindu extremist mob attacking tribal Christians preparing to celebrate the New Year.

The mob pushed her down and kicked her stomach until she fell unconscious, and later that evening she miscarried on the way to a hospital – which declined to give her any care, she said. Scores of tribal Christians planning to celebrate New Year’s Eve with a thanksgiving service instead spent the night in the mountains where they had fled to save their lives.

“My baby died in my womb after they pushed me down and kicked my stomach,” the 25-year-old Bai said as she wept.

Accusing the tribal Christians of converting people, the 30 Hindu extremists were carrying wooden batons and stones as they attacked the Christians in Dewada village, Barwani District, sources said.

“Will you people never learn?” members of the mob said, according to the homeowner, Sardar Vaskale. 

The victim told: “I fell down and landed on my stomach,” she said. “I got dizzy, and immediately someone from the mob came and started kicking my stomach.”

She said she did not know how long they kicked her after she became unconscious. The assailants beat all the men, women and children, eight Christians in all, Vaskale said.

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