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Five churches have been burned down in Kenya

In late January, arsonists in western Kenya destroyed a total of five churches and even threw faeces on the ruins. According to Morning Star News, the buildings were located in Kisii County and included St. Monica's Church, a Worldwide Church, a Seventh-day Adventist church, a Pentecostal church and a Legio Maria independent church.


Apart from setting the churches ablaze, the arsonists also threw scooped human faeces onto the buildings to discourage the faithful from attending their ruined churches,” a source told Morning Star News.

Total damages to the churches are estimated to be in the millions of Kenyan shillings, with costs needing to cover both structural repairs and damages to church items.

The Church and Clergy Association of Kenya released a press statement demanding that investigating authorities find and prosecute those responsible. Church leaders also appealed for an increase in area security. A pastor of one of the affected churches, who withheld his name for security reasons, stated that “evil should not overcome the good that the Gospel of Christ brings.”

In Kenya, Islamic extremism mostly occurs in the north and east of the country and can extend as far as Nairobi in the south. We ask that you join us in praying for the continued perseverance of churches in Kenya as they face attacks, as well as for the strengthening of government leaders to stand against Islamic extremism.


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