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Polish satanist “Nergal” will be brought to trial for profaning the image of Mary

Known for his anti-Catholic provocations, the vocalist and musician of the metal band Behemoth Adam "Nergal" Darski will stand before a court in Warsaw for profaning the image of the Blessed Virgin Mary


“Another successful intervention of the Ordo Iuris lawyers (this time together with @DariuszMatecki), District Prosecutor’s Office of Warsaw-Mokotów directed against Adam D. Vs. Nergal indictment for the profanation of the image of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

The Prosecutor’s Office initially refused to initiate an investigation, initially arguing that it is difficult to establish whose image was insulted, because the picture was trampled on with a shoe in the photo.

As a result of a complaint from Ordo Iuris lawyers, this decision was revoked according to the social profile of Bartosz Lewandowski, director of the Ordo Iuris Process Intervention Center.


Image: Renata Dąbrowska, Agencja Gazeta

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