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Texas pregnancy centre celebrates saving ninety thousand babies from abortion

The Christian Post reports that a Texas pregnancy centre is celebrating the lives of ninety thousand children who have been saved from abortion in its first thirty years of operation.


Leanne Jamieson, the executive director of Prestonwood Pregnancy Center, which has multiple locations in Dallas and surrounding suburbs, appeared on CBN News’ “The Prayer Link” programme on Tuesday, where she said the organisation had a “divine appointment” to save as many lives as possible by convincing women to choose life.

“When that young woman or couple walks through the door of our centre, we see it as a divine appointment, and in our experience, they also are often broken and looking for hope,” she said. “They’ve found themselves in this circumstance, and it really often reveals other areas of their life that they’re struggling in.”

Jamieson described her staff as “really good listeners,” adding, “We’re really there to help them problem-solve and navigate their situation. And I tell our volunteers and our staff, ‘If you’re a good listener, then God is going to open that door.’”

“I think pregnancy resource centres are a very special mission field, so we exist to help those that find themselves in an unplanned pregnancy, and we provide so much for them,” she added. “We provide pregnancy tests and sonograms; we provide resources and those things that we need to do to help invest in that woman or that couple to help them become the parents that we believe God has called them to be.”

Addressing the importance of adoption referrals, Jamieson maintained that “We believe every baby is meant to be born, but not every birth mother is supposed to parent,” she concluded.


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