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A century-old chapel vandalised in Poland

Vandals destroyed a chapel in Otwock that is over one hundred years old. They tore down and tried to steal the statue of the Virgin Mary which, thanks to the residents' efforts, was recently returned to the plinth.


“I’m in severe shock. I do not understand why someone did it,” complained Adriana Jakubowska, a resident of Otwock who recently renovated the chapel and funded a new statue of Mary with her own money. The previous one was also destroyed by unknown perpetrators. According to Mrs Jakubowska, the destruction of the chapel took place on the 27th of January.

“We started the efforts to rebuild the chapel a few years ago. Last year, in September, they were finalised with the full consent of the plot owner. We rebuilt the damaged pedestal, we bought a statue, we lined the [flower] beds, we planted heathers,” Mrs Jakubowska explained.

She emphasised that according to the oldest inhabitants of the district, the original version of the chapel was erected in 1919 as a votive offering from the inhabitants, on the first anniversary of Poland regaining its independence.

Press officer of the County Police Headquarters in Otwock, Sergent Paulina Harabin confirmed that a notice of the chapel’s destruction was submitted. She explained that the police had not initiated proceedings because the person reporting the damage to the property could not identify the owner. She assured that as soon as the owner was identified, the police would take action.


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