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Midwives ordered to replace words ‘mother,’ ‘breastfeeding’ with ‘trans-friendly’ terms

United Kingdom

Transgender language is being instituted at two U.K. hospitals in the NHS healthcare system that now require midwives to cease using the words "breastfeeding," “breastmilk” and "father," and change how they refer to mothers all under the banner of inclusion.

The word “mother” is being replaced with the term “mother or birthing parent.”

As part of Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust’s inclusive language policy to be more “trans-friendly,” midwives are being told they must stop using gendered terms that denote the sex of the body and instead used “gender-inclusive” language, according to the UK Times.

Henceforth, under the new policy, the “maternity services department” will be known as “perinatal services.” Instead of using the word “breastmilk,” the phrases “human milk,” “breast/chestmilk” or “milk from the feeding mother or parent.”

Additional adjustments in the hospital language policy include using “woman or person” in place of “woman.” Depending on the circumstances, the word “father” is to be replaced with “parent,” “co-parent” or “second biological parent,” The Telegraph reports.

The document further instructs staff that they are not to cease using the word woman entirely but to use the word “people” more often.

According to The Telegraph, “Brighton and Hove NHS Trust has long championed itself as a ‘leader for LGBT inclusion’ after receiving a number of accolades from the controversial charity Stonewall.”

National Review writer Madeleine Kearns noted that some feminists have long regarded this kind of language as Orwellian, noting that it ultimately yields the “erasure” of women.

“Words merely reflect or distort facts. A woman is still a woman if you call her something else, be it a ‘non-binary person’ or a ‘trans man.’ And a mother is still a mother if you call her a ‘chestfeeder’ or a ‘birthing parent,'” she wrote.

“The hijacking of language is the same sinister strategy on which every totalitarian ideology is reliant. Nonsense terms such as ‘misgendering,’ ‘cis-privilege,’ ‘cisgender,’ ‘dead naming,’ etc., have only been around for ten years or so, and only in the mainstream for much less time, and yet have already been used with staggering effectiveness to confuse, intimidate, and deter people (including conservatives) from using biologically precise terminology in contexts where doing so matters greatly (e.g. in court or Congress).

“It is of course shameful that deceitful language should be deployed by the political class, or so unthinkingly by those who know better. But it is beyond disturbing that it should make its way into publicly funded medicine,” Kearns concluded.

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