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Sixteen killed in church attack in DRC

Sixteen people were killed and a Catholic church was burned down on Sunday during an attack in the northeastern Ituri province of DRC


Thirteen civilians and three soldiers were fatally wounded during the attack, suspected to be perpetrated by the Islamist terrorist group, Allied Democratic Forces (ADF).

While a large majority (85-90%) of DRC’s population is Christian, violence rooted in Islamic extremism continues to worsen, putting the country at the 40th place on the 2021 Open Doors World Watch List for Christian persecution. This violence is mainly restricted to the country’s eastern side, where the government has very little control or power.

“These predominantly Christian communities are attacked by an Islamic extremist group with a clear Islamic expansionist agenda,” Open Doors spokesperson Illia Djadi stated in reference to ADF, “We need to pay attention to these events because what is happening in eastern DRC, the killing of innocent civilians on an almost daily basis, is an underreported tragedy”.


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